Degree Programs

Interdisciplinary studies are a hallmark of the Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology. Students in each area of concentration are required to take a minimum of 10 credits for required courses and 24 elective credits.
* Red mark can taught in English.

Required Common Courses:

Research Methodology
Introduction to Music Philosophy

Required Area-specific Courses:
- Research and Heritage
Introduction of Ethnomusicology
Study of the Comparison between Chinese and Western Music

Mode of Traditional Music

- Multimedia Applications
Foundations of Computer-Generated Sound and Multimedia Application
Theory and Practice in Musical Multi-media
History of Sound Recording

Elective Courses (Music History and Literature)
Special Topics in Chinese Ancient Music
Special Topics in Modern Music
Study of Taiwan Modern Music
Musical Documents Arrangement
Musical Field Work
Source Readings in Music History
Thinking of Chinese Music
Taiwanese Opera and Traditional Culture
Ritual and Theatre
Studies in Nankuan Music
Studies in Peikuan Music
Traditional Music and Society
The Archeology of Nanguan Music
Study of Music and Dance in Dunhuang Murals
Music Analysis
Analysis on Popular Music
Music and Modernity of East Asia
Guqin Music and Culture

Elective Courses (Music Ontology)
The Study on Taiwan Indigenous People's Music.
Comparative Study of Cultural Zone on Austronesian Music
Seminar in Taiwan Contemporary Music
Seminar on Tonal System
Study on Taoism Ritual and Music
Studies in Instrumental Music of Nankuan and Peikuan
Practice on Nankuan Vocal Music
Music Notation
Studies in Aesthetics of Music
Chinese Drum Pattern
Seminar on Asia-Pacific Contemporary Music.
Theory and Practice in Musical Communication
Study on Daqu of Tang Dynasty
New Directions in Artistic Thought*
Introduction to World Music
Special Topics on Performance Practice
Seminar on Ethnic Instruments
Seminar on Contemporary Ethnic Music
Chinese Instrumental Music in Theory and Practice
New Directions in Ethnomusicology

Elective Courses (Music and Multimedia)
Physical Interaction Design for Music and Multimedia
Special Topics on Recording Production
Special Topics on Multimedia Production
Special Topics on Music Digital Archives
Advanced Study on Sound Recording
Advanced Study on Multimedia Production
Advanced Study on Cross-Disciplinary Music Production
Seminar in Music Industry
Seminar in Analysis, Performance, and Recording
Projects on Music Documentary*
Advanced Film Music Scoring*
Final Project*

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