Ability Indicator

In following the school’s overall educational goals, we also strive to meet the demands of the university as it functions as an academic institution for training professionals and getting them ready for the business world. In considering educational goals at all levels, including the distinct characteristics of each division in this institute, we have formed the following list of requisite qualities students in the Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology should possess:

1. Knowledge and Understanding:
(1) Develop proficiency in the performance of diverse musics.
(2) Understand the theories and concepts of ethnomusicology and be able to do research independently.
(3) Be able to use the most up-to-date multimedia technology.

2. Job Expertise Training:
(1) Be able to teach in a systematic way the music you perform.
(2) Be able to conduct research on the performance techniques, music theory and styles of a specific type of music, becoming an educator in the field of ethnomusicology.
(3) Be able to do diverse tasks, including digitizing important historical records on music, make audio-visual recordings of concerts, and make educational videos about music.

3. Individual Characteristics:
(1) Have respect for different musical art forms.
(2) Respect individual expression and have the ability to get along with others in a group environment.
(3) Be able to accept tradition and respect innovation.

4. Values and Ethics:
(1) Respect songwriting, composition and intellectual property rights.
(2) Uphold the original state of traditional music art forms, representing the essence of music repertoires.
(3) Use music to enhance social values.
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