Facilities & Equipment

The Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology offers independent teaching space for each area of concentration while also sharing facilities and resources with other departments and graduate institutes in the College of Music, including the recital hall, the music library, the piano rooms, the multi-functioned classrooms, and the theater.
In September 2004, the Department of Music and our institute co-founded the first institution dedicated to digital music archiving among Taiwan’s music colleges, the Music Digital Archive Center, which has since joined the lineup of teaching and practice facilities of the College of Music and contributed to the improvement in the quality of academic outputs.

Audio-visual teaching materials:

We purchase the most recent and up-to-date ethnomusicology audio-visual teaching materials every year, including those covering Aboriginal culture, traditional Chinese opera music, nanguan and beiguan, Taiwanese gezaixi opera, modern Chinese music, the performance arts and Western music.

Library books and periodicals:

Books and periodicals are purchased according to teachers’ needs. Some are borrowed from the library for an extended period of time and kept in the institute, while others are kept in the school’s main library for students to check out. Several well known musicology periodicals in Chinese are available along with periodicals that have been given to the institute. A 2001 edition of the Grove’s Music Dictionary is also available for students and teachers to use.

Electronic databases:

Alexander Music Online, Oxford Music Online, and the Naxos Music Library were purchased with the Department of Music and the Graduate Institute of Performance Arts. Students can access the databases on the school’s Web site using their student I.D. number and student account password.

Precision equipment:

For educational purposes, the school has purchased personal computers and laptops for teachers to use. Professional video cameras, digital video cameras, digital cameras, portable stand-up cameras, professional audio recording equipment, and professional digital music archive equipment, are all available for teachers to use during outside class activities.


Nanguan instruments, Beijing opera gongs and percussion instruments, traditional Chinese instruments, pianos, and various world music instruments are available for classroom and personal use outside the classroom.

Other resources:

Students from this institute can check out scores and books from the music department library and watch/listen to audio/visual materials in the library. Books from the university library can also be checked out (including the libraries at the main campus, the Linkou campus and the Gongguan campus).

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